Dedicated Care Health Services

About Us

Dedicated Care Health Services is a community-based health care organization serving the greater Washington DC metropolitan area, and specializing in high quality behavioral health care treatment.

The mission of Dedicated Care Health Services (DCHS) is to provide evidence-based mental health treatments to consumers in the District of Columbia. As a Core Services Agency, Dedicated Care serves adults who struggle with mental illnesses by providing community-based psychiatric services, psychotherapy and community support services. We have qualified, and dedicated staff who advocate on behalf of the consumers they serve to enable consumers access needed mental health services resources. Our locations provide convenience; our programs offer a variety of interventions, and our clinicians excel in assisting the individual to meet their therapeutic goals. At Dedicated Care Health Services, we are committed to providing a consistent & positive presence in and for the community. We are here to assist every consumer to optimize their opportunities for wellness, functionality, and actualization.

Optimizing recovery through quality care

To support, empower and enrich the lives of residents of the District of Columbia who have been diagnosed with a behavioral health disorder through person-centered care.

The Mission of Dedicated Care Health Services is to provide individualized and person-centered behavioral health services to D.C. residents with a view to promoting Health & Wellness with Empowerment and Recovery as the end-point.